Radeloos - (2008) - Netflix

1h56m - Dramas

When Paco loses his dad, he thinks it's his fault. He stops working and his girlfriend dumps him.

Director: -
Cast: Marius Gottlieb, Marloes van der Wel, Robin Martens, Roos Smit
Netflix Rating:
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 0/100
Countries Available in: Nl

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Available Since: 2018-12-01
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Synopsis Distraught is a Dutch film from 2008 by Dave Schram at the scenario of Mary Peters among others Marius Gottlieb, Marloes van der Wel, Renée Soutendijk, Monic Hendrickx and Victor Löw. The scenario is based on the book by Carry Slee. On October 16, 2008 Marius Gottlieb was raided on the set of SpangaS by writer Carry Slee who told him that the film 100 000 visitor. Story Edit Spoiler warning: The following text contains details of the content and / or the end of the story. Yara (Marloes van der Wel) already has an eye on for a while Paco (Marius Gottlieb) who attends school with her and as a DJ at parties running plates. But Paco has something to Floor (Robin Martens) and does not stand her. Yara's mother wants her daughter model but actually wants Yara to art school. Yara wants to lose weight to be not too thick and because Paco her might enjoyable. Therefore, she eats little, but they induced vomiting after a meal by stabbing a finger in her throat. Later she used a laxative. Paco's father garages where Paco also works. Paco and his father love each other. Paco's mother has a friend, Paco can not stand him. Floor gets to Paco, though he is under 18 and has no driver's license, her pick a car. Paco does, he enters an old Daphie but Floor embarrassed to be seen in it and refuses to move. Paco's father is angry, Paco promises that he will not do it again. Paco goes with his father on the road by car. The mobile phone of his father's battery is depleted, and Paco does not find it necessary to make his own cell phone. Paco's father suffers a heart attack on the highway Paco sends the car to the side. He would like to call an ambulance, but has no cell phone, and long-coming cars stop at first. He wants to drive, but does not because of his promise to his father. This takes longer for an ambulance comes. Paco's father dies, Paco feels guilty. Floor makes it awkwardly with Paco. At school Yara knocked unconscious by an overdose of the laxative. Paco warns the history teacher, Sulders (Kees Hulst), but that does not listen. Paco lends them without asking his car and bring Yara to hospital and call from there to school to say Sulders' car is there. Sulders is evil and comes up with the police to the hospital; the friend of Paco's mother comes and says that he borrowed the car, and Paco will thereby protect.

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